Episode 10 “Regional Holiday Music”

Beware of… Regionals!
(I apologize for the tardiness of the post but blog post had some technical issue last week so I wasn’t able to post on time)


 I have to say, if this is the last episode of Community that we get (wish I hope we aren’t!), then it goes off in style.  This was a perfect episode to end the first-half of the season, especially since the show has been benched for the mid-season.

From start to finish I was LMFAO the whole time as Community made fun of the show Glee for everything it is.  The beginning was nice too as we had some great-liners after the group finds out that the Glee club is doing a pageant with Pierce saying “What is Regionals?”, Jeff with “Christmas just brings out more darkeness” and his secret tip that led to an injunction on the club.  The best part came when one of the members shouted out “My soul is dead” while stabbing himself in the hand with a knife.

But of course the director wouldn’t have it, played by Taram Killam from SNL.  The laughter started coming in once he got Abed, who only wanted to hep his friends and the rest is history.  From each and every cut-away musical was a complete rip-off but hilarious version of Glee, where each character was seduced according to their personality.  The best part came with Troy and Abed’s rap which I thought was hysterical, while Annie’s was probably the most annoying since they went with the dumb, high-pitched sexy voice.  Even Britta fell to the Glee club.

Eventually everything became happy as Abed’s good spirit finally rubbed-off on everyone which could feel forced in this episode, but since this could be the last episode we ever see I’m going to ignore it.

The ending of the show is a perfect way to cap what I hope can only be half of season 3, but if it’s not then it’s a great episode to go off into the sunset because the final scene where the group is together watching a terrible episode of Time Inspector was on the spot.  The bit at the end was great too, which I have to add.

If you watched even one episode of Glee you’ll get the jokes that keep on coming in a great episode.  My Santa list this year will include having this show stay on the air as it’s an incredible show to watch.

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