Community Review: S3.E15 “Origins of Vampire Mythology”

Does this week’s episode live-up to the level of last week’s “Pillows and Blankets”
This week’s episode “Origins of Vampire Mythology” doesn’t live up to the level of last week’s episode. However, it parallels the first part of that two-episode series with possible foreshadowing of future episodes.What I loved about this episode is the show heavily touched on the romantic storylines that we haven’t seen since the second half of season one. I point this out because they have only brushed up on these stories, with the latest episodes mentioning it the most “Remedial Chaos Theory” and “Urban Matrimony and Sandwich Arts” the past two seasons. I think these stories will help Community’s ratings, while adding to Community’s reputation as one of the best yet underrated shows on television.

The stories this week were based around Britta’s ex-carnie boyfriend coming to town. Lo and behold, she is a junkie around men who treat her poorly, and warns everybody that she will do anything to be with Blade. I liked this frequent joke throughout the episode, albeit it did get a little tiresome towards the end.

But some of the jokes and storylines didn’t live up to their potential. Britta’s hissy fit when she gets locked up didn’t have the most funniest lines that it could have. The better jokes and storyline from this were Annie, Troy, and Abed hanging out at their apartment to keep watch on Britta. Annie had the best moment when she switches her number for Blade’s number in Britta’s phone, but Britta makes a call and she does a terrible yet hilarious voice impression of him. Meanwhile, the Dean shows up at the door and isn’t more than a sight gag for “Why are you here?”

The other storylines were Jeff checking out Blade and trying to size him up, and Chang and Pierce becoming best friend’s. Jeff’s storyline was probably was the better storyline this week as his narcissism with trying to understand why Blade can attract a woman like Britta was funny as he grilled him at the shooting range. Change and Pierce’s story was just a filler but provided a few good chuckles through the use of the friendship music.

We also had the Vice Dean (played by John Goodman), but in a very limited role which I was saddened to see because I had hoped we could have seen more screen time of him.

Finally, the best part of the episode were the potential romantic plots towards the end. Not to sound like a romantic junky, but I have said that this is the one area the show hasn’t hit on since the second half of season one. It leaves so many questions that we’re yearning for answers. What did Troy say that totally impressed Britta? Will they end up as a couple? Is Jeff still in love with Britta? Or is Jeff going to hook up with Annie (which is likely due to the promos)? All these questions act as a cliff-hanger that will be sure to have us watching future episodes to see where they decide with these stories.

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