Community S.3, E.11-Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts


[Since the blog deleted my original review, I’m writing it again] ​Does the return of Community live up to the hype?
The short answer is no.  However, it delivers a solid episode that gives fans a sigh of relief the show is back on and evidence of why we love this show.
This week’s story revolved around Shirley and her husband Andre(Jamal Malcom-Warner from the Cosby’s) getting remarried, but having marital problems before the rehearsal.  The other three storylines were Jeff and Britta’s anti-marriage stance, Troy and Bed’s 24-hour wierddown before the rehearsal, and Shirley and Pierce discussing opening a new subway shop at Greendale.
The primary storyline of Shirley and Andre’s rehearsal disaster didn’t provide a lot of laughs or was interesting overall.  It was actually the weakest storyline of all four in the episode. However, this plot allowed for the others to occur, which were much better in the joke and storyline department.
The best were Jeff and Britta’s anti-marriage stance.  Through all the huff-and-puff, we soon realized that they actually might like the institution.  The best parts were Britta finally being good as a wedding planner, while Jeff delved into his feelings for a toast… aka drinks. Jeff’s best joke came later during his confrontation with Annie, where he told her all he had was the quote form Jim Belushi “Websters dictionary defines….”
Abed and Troy’s storyline was good too.  They became ‘normal’, throwing everyone off at the rehearsal.  It was funny to hear them competently sound sarcastic and whatnot during the drama, when they meant well.
As for the subway shop storyline, it was nice to see Shirley as the brains and Pierce as the rich kid.  What’s more interesting is they lost the contract to Subway.  I don’t know about you, but if Community were able to do a deal similar to Chuck with Subway, it would be great.
But the overall episode didn’t deliver the storyline or the laughs that we’ve seen in past episodes such as Remedial Chaos theory.  Thus, the episode didn’t live up to the hype of the show’s return.  However, it still delivered a solid episode with enough laughs to have us fans relax now that the show is back on.
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