Dead Ahead iPhone game review

Escaping from zombies, at medium speed.

Note: This is before the 1.01 update. For my reviews, I do not pay for any of the add-ons because I believe you should not pay money for a free game. Also, I do not have the monetary funds to do so.

Pray your moped goes fast.

Running from zombies on your motorcycle is fun, when your thumb is not in the way.

A game that had great potential has some key issues, mainly in the game controls that prohibit the potential of the game.

The game is centered around an endless run on your bike (I guess endless ride) to escape the zombie apocalypse.

The introduction begins with a funny play on free hugs. Once you play the game is when your attitude changes.

The menu is decent which you can easily select the areas or add-ons and swipe to see the different items. A comparison chart would have been nice, except for characteristics that I talk about later.

Sound in the game is fine, albeit somewhat repetitive accelerations noise and some cheesy sounds for guns. Most notably is the submachine gun that sounds like stapler gun.

Gameplay is straight-forward with easy to use controls. The left side has your acceleration and shooting, with the right you scroll with your thumb to control vertical movement.

Problems occur though with the limited variety of options and the game controls.

There are few bikes to choose, with most of them having the same abilities except for the acceleration speed. However, you cannot tell since the speed is almost all the same for all bikes after the scooter.

The game-play suffers too with only a handful of bosses to fight. Again, more variety adds depth to the game.

The boosts to combat the zombie horde and bosses such as nitro, infinite ammo, and quadruple damage are nice. But those are the only superpowers. I would like more variations such as invincibility to add more depth to the game.

Worst yet is the gameplay controls. The bikes felt very stiff when moving vertically. The placing your thumb for the vertical control while using to maneuver oncoming objects blocks you from seeing said objects.

Thus you can never go full speed, with difficulty riding for long kilometers. I found that going 40 kmh with a grenade launcher and hoping to find nitro boosts as the best way to play the game.

The controls should be motion activated by tilt that would have solved this problem. Think how another iPhone game, Mega Jump, and apply those controls to Dead Ahead.

Other areas that are problematic are the monetary system. The prices are outrageous even with the special discounts. Also, the objectives can be difficult early on with low weaponry and motorcycles. Lastly, there are glitches in the games in which zombies can run past you.

Ultimately, the lack of variety and game controls hinder what could have been a better time waster.


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