The Simpsons Tapped Out iPhone game app review

You’ll tap-out quickly with some disappointment.

I was somewhat excited to hear about a Simpsons game created.  It played better than my expectations, but I quickly grew tired of it due to some of the game designs.


Gameplay is very simple.  The design took the playbook from  Tiny Tower, in which you tap once on an object to complete  an action.  Paraphrasing Ocam’s Razor, the simplest is usually the best.  However, one can get into trouble by accidentally activating the doughnuts, which is the game’s currency rate.

Another thing I liked is the characters and the few lines of dialogue they have in the game. I found it to be reflective of The Simpsons universe and show.


The game runs into problems with the storyline and options.

The story lines tend to repeat themselves over and over.  For example, the character Cletus will repeatedly get the action to go dumpster diving which gets boring pretty fast.  These repetitive actions dull the enjoyment one has in participating in the game.

The bigger weakness is the results lead to nowhere.  At times you feel as though you’re not achieving anything.  It becomes burdensome with the “special” coins such as the trick-or-treats or the holiday coins, in which you can’t see how much the new item, character, or building costs.

Thus, I felt as though I am tapping on this game and getting litle results.


If you need time to waste this is definitely the game to get.  But if you’re looking for something that goes somewhere, like The Walking Dead episodes then you will probably be disappointed.


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