Communirt Review S.3 E. 17 “Basic Lupine Urology”

Community delivers another memorable episode.

One word, lol.  Okay, it’s not really a word, but if you watched this episode then you know what I mean.  (If you haven’t, go watch it now , seriously.)  By far Community is one of the most underrated shows on television right now, and yet it keeps pumping out excellent episodes like “Basic Lupine Urology” time and again.

What made “Basic Lupine Urology” one of the best episodes ever, is the overall theme and the tiny details that worked so well to bring a cohesive and funny episode.

There is a lot to say what worked in this episode that could easily take up at least a half-hour.  So I’m going to talk about what I thought were the strongest traits in their spoof of a Law & Order episode.  First up, the overall story was solid as ever.  Every scene kept the storyline progressing, while giving each of the characters a memorable role, playing as a stereotypical character in an episode.  From the Dean acting as the district, attorney to Annie and Jeff being a lawyer gave great material each actor hit with perfection.  One of the best parts came when Annie was grilling Todd, the potential suspect who harmed the group’s biology project (a yam).

The other trait that worked were the details.  Everything from the opening scene with the word ‘Community’ in red and black, to the Neil being the person who is always busy and working.  Each of these small details supported and persuaded us more about this ‘real’ yet fake trial happening in Greendale.

My only complaint is the ending was a bit sad, even though it sat well with the theme and tone of the episode.  Poor Starburns will be missed!  Otherwise, this is a must-watch episode I would highly recommend anyone watch and why this episodes proves why Community should be renewed for a fourth (and fifth) season.


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