Community S.3 E.16 E.16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”

What happens when Abed’s mind self-destructs?

This week’s episode “Virtual Systems Analysis” was a character building/realization moment for Annie and Abed, although more for Abed.  The strength of the jokes started out slow but eventually became better through the episode.

I strongly support character building/realization episodes because we get to see the characters grow and become new people.  This week’s episode heavily focused on Annie and Abed hanging out in the Dreamatorium.  After the group splits up for lunch, Annie pairs up Troy and Britta for a lunch date, while Abed shows Annie around the Dreamatorium.

Abed acting as Troy gave Troy some of the best lines of the  night.  The shining moment came after Annie had “broken” Abed, and so Abed played out Annie’s fantasy of Greendale being a hospital, with everyone playing a role in it.  Trying to find Abed, who doesn’t exist in this scenario, Troy had a complete meltdown after Annie gave him the truth serum.  His lines ranged from “I like girls in pajamas, not lingerie” to “I didn’t get Inception!”

The jokes involving Jeff, Shirley, and Pierce we’re decent, but not incredible moments that we’ll remember down the road. But Abed acting as the others and the Doctor Who jokes were great, with the Annie beating up the Blorgons and yelling “You’ll Blorgon me for this later.”

The moment of truth for the two came in the a prison cell in the shape of a locker.  Annie confessed why she continues to love Jeff because she wants to know she will be loved, while Abed got over his anxieties of why people wouldn’t like him.  These two pivotal moments tell us important information; the Annie-Jeff relationship may not pan out because Annie knows she is looking for someone who will love her back, while Abed is starting to come out of his shell and open up and interact with people more normally.

Overall this episode’s jokes didn’t have as many lol moments like “Pillows and Blankets”, but the character growth in Annie and Abed more than make up for it, making this one of the stronger episodes this season.


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