Community S.3 E.13 “Digital Exlporation of Interior Design” Review

A promising set-up for next week’s conclusion.

This episode did a great job keeping the show entertaining and setting up next week’s episode for what I hope to be a great conclusion.

The two main stories revolved around Subway opening up shop in Greendale and Troy and Abed having an argument whether or not to build a pillow or blanket fort.  Shirley and Pierce are mad because Subway stole their lease agreement with the Dean. They then use Britta to help them sabotage the agreement with the new guy, Subway.  Yes you heard that correctly.  The best line came when he is describing how through “corporate humanization” to represent the human rights of Subway.  Very good use of the reference of the Citizens United decision.   A great running gag was Pierce drinking ink pen, thinking it was a secret flask.  Eventually Britta falls for the Subway guy in a Romeo-Juliet kind of way.  The ending to the storyline was the best joke, as the lawyer for Subway cringes at the Britta and the Subway guy having intercourse.

Abed and Troy’s story was also  good.  they start building a pillow fort, but the Dean advises them they could break the World Record.  We then start to see a divergent in their friendship because of  the evil advice given by Vice Dean (played by Jon Goodman) sporting a new hairdo and a beard, to get Troy to join the air conditioning company.  The best part came at the end where Abed and Troy’s sides met at the study room that ended up in a war to due Starburn’s accidental pre-emptive strike, destroying the blanket fort.

The side story with  Jeff apologizing to  Kim wasn’t that great since it was another story about Jeff’s narcissism.  Especially with lat week’s episode, the story and jokes weren’t as funny.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode to conclude the storyline.  and hope the result  is like the paintball story arc from last season’s two-part ending.


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